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Cover of Emblaze
Embrace Series, Book 3
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When Violet Eden loses the key to the gates of Hell she is forced to make a choice that carries apocalyptic consequencesWhen you're hanging off the edge of a volcano, how do you make the most important...
When Violet Eden loses the key to the gates of Hell she is forced to make a choice that carries apocalyptic consequencesWhen you're hanging off the edge of a volcano, how do you make the most important...
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  • When Violet Eden loses the key to the gates of Hell she is forced to make a choice that carries apocalyptic consequences

    When you're hanging off the edge of a volcano, how do you make the most important decision of your life? For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder. Because apparently being a half-angel Grigori doesn't always make you right.

    Where is the good in having to choose between the life of her best friend and saving humanity? How does she balance a soul-crushing need for her Grigori partner, Lincoln, and the desire to keep him safe at all costs? And what if the darkest exiled angel of all, Phoenix, isn't as bad as she thought?

    Both sides—Angels vs. Exiles—are racing to decipher an ancient scripture that would allow anyone banished to the Underworld to return. And at the very center: Violet. She only has one chance to make the right choice...

    The Embrace Series:

  • Embrace (Book 1)
  • Entice (Book 2)
  • Emblaze (Book 3)
  • Endless (Book 4)
  • Empower (Book 5)

    Praise for the Embrace Series:

    "A delicious romantic triangle." –USA Today

    "One of the best YA novels we've seen in a while. Get ready for a confident, kick-butt, well-defined heroine." –RT Book Reviews

    "Strong, compelling and wonderfully flawed, Violet is the kind of heroine that will keep readers enthralled and rooting for her until the final page is turned." –Kirkus Reviews


  • From the book


    "When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant..."

    Genesis 9:14–9:15


    She didn't have to see him to know he was there. It had been a very long time since Evelyn had needed to rely solely on her eyes.

    She released a final, ear-piercing scream, its song a double-edged sword that heralded both life and death. It was done-her ultimate joy now within her reach, just as her ultimate sacrifice extended its hand to her.

    "It's a girl," the midwife said, placing the baby in her arms.

    Evelyn stared down at the tiny child and wondered how she would find the strength to let her go.

    "She's perfect, Eve. She looks just like you. My two beautiful angels," James said.

    He was still crying. He'd been a blubbering mess since the first contraction, but his words brought the first silent tear from Evelyn's eye. He swept it aside lovingly.

    "I knew you'd cry," he teased as his eyes drifted between his wife and their daughter. He tentatively brushed the top of the baby's forehead, barely using the back of his little finger.

    Evelyn's heart clenched. Leaving him was not something she'd planned for. She'd always assumed it would be her that would outlive him. All the time she had spent deliberating over when to tell him everything-how to explain he would grow old while she would merely age a few years. Time wasted now.

    She looked down at their daughter, her eyes opening slightly. It would be her choice now if he should ever know.

    Evelyn pulled James's hand to her mouth and kissed it, letting her lips linger on his skin, inhaling his vanilla scent and committing it to memory. She wished they had more time, but she sensed the magnets of power around her. She couldn't ignore it much longer.

    "James, could you give me a minute to tidy up?" It was her last lie and she still hated that she had to. Lying to her husband had never sat well with her.

    He kissed her quickly. It was too quick.

    "I'll be back soon, 'Mom,'" he said with a wink before leaving. It was heart-wrenching to know that she would hear it just once.

    Alone with her daughter, Evelyn kissed the top of her perfect head. She already had a full head of hair, dark brown like Evelyn's, and she smelled...intoxicating. It was a fragrance she could get lost in for all eternity. She wished she could hold her like this forever, inhaling her and playing with her tiny, tiny fingers.

    But she knew...they weren't really alone.

    "Do I have you to thank for the dreams?" she asked the empty room.

    He materialized, a corporeal form confirming the presence she had already felt. It was as if he had always been there.

    She sensed him with her whole body. She had always been able to feel them. She could smell them too. Always flowers, but he smelled of lilies only.

    And she knew-lilies held all the power.

    He introduced himself, unnecessarily. She knew exactly who he was and why he was there. He'd been haunting her dreams for weeks now.

    He stood by the window that looked out over a small park. There had been a time when he was able to frequent the world regularly, but that time had long since passed. He wanted to at least see the grass and sky from this point of view during his short visit.

    They both knew how this was done. New life and new death equaled a gateway.

    "Do you realize what you're asking?" she said.

    "I do."

    "What will she become?"

    "The Keshet." He spoke with a reverence that made Evelyn nervous.

    "The Rainbow?" she repeated, recognizing the Hebrew word.

    He nodded. "The bow that...

About the Author-

  • How many of us can say we fell in love in high school? A lot of us. But how many of us stayed in love with the same person? Jessica Shirvigton has been lucky enough to marry the man she fell in love with at seventeen, Matthew Shirvington—Olympic sprinter, five-time national 100m champion, and current sports personality with Australia's Foxtel and Sky News. Jessica and her family live outside Sydney, Australia, where she is currently working on the next book in the Embrace series.


  • Kirkus

    February 15, 2013
    The third installment of the Embrace series doesn't shine quite as brightly as its predecessors, but fans will still find plenty to enjoy as Violet and her Grigori brethren prepare for a battle of apocalyptic proportions. Violet may have accepted the fact that she is half-human and half-angel, but nobody, not even she, knows the full extent of her ever-expanding powers. Finding the time to focus and gain control over them is no easy feat with a father who has decided to finally show up and parent, the temptation of a partner who is also a forbidden soul mate, and an ex who plans to use her to help him open up the gates of hell. Literally. While there is plenty for readers by way of high-stakes action, the novel (ironically, given its title) falls short in the romance department. First, Violet is prone to such hyperbole when describing the feelings that Lincoln ignites in her that it quickly shifts from steamy to comical. Second, the dark and alluring Phoenix is tragically absent. While Phoenix is frequently referred to, he and Violet have relatively few face-to-face encounters, depriving the novel of some of the complicated emotional layers that made the first two books so delicious. Still, Violet remains a compelling heroine, and another surprise ending will surely leave readers wanting more. (Paranormal romance. 14-18)

    COPYRIGHT(2013) Kirkus Reviews, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Embrace Series, Book 3
Jessica Shirvington
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Embrace Series, Book 3
Jessica Shirvington
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